The Weirdest Place To Find A Sales Lead

Thursday, October 14, 2010
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An Equitable Payments (formerly MJT Group) partner, Darrah Brustein, was recently featured in Inc. Magazine for her ability to find a sales lead in a very obscure way. Here is a piece of the recent article:

‘Darrah Brustein, a partner at MJT Group in San Diego, was attending an out of town wedding and having lunch with a group of friends at a large restaurant. “As we were trying to pay the bill in this 300-seat restaurant, all of their computers went down and they couldn’t accept any payments,” says Brustein. “I work in credit card processing, so I got up, talked to one of the people who worked there who was in a panic, and gave him some advice on calling in the orders to their processor.” After dealing with the problem, the employee slipped Brustein his card and asked her to call him the following week. “He’s now one of my best clients,” she says.

The lesson: Your competition’s misfortune may be your biggest opportunity.’

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