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Tiered Pricing

Did you get pitched one rate when you signed up your merchant services?

Do you have just three or so rates that you’re being charged over and over?

There are over 200 different interchange rates. The rate is dependent on the type of credit or debit card, the way the card information is captured, and the industry accepting the card. In tiered pricing all 200 rates are placed into one of three (sometimes more) categories: Qualified, Mid-Qualified, and Non-Qualified. Tiered pricing is not advantageous for merchants who receive a variety of cards because there is often a large markup on a majority of the cards, as displayed here


Interchange Plus

Do you get access to the actual Visa/Mastercard HARD COSTS just like larger companies such as Walmart?

Interchange Plus exists when a merchant gets access to all 200+ rate categories that interchange offers. The merchant will pay the exact interchange rate + processing fees + standardized markup. This is displayed to the right